Monday, August 26, 2013

West African Quilt Project!

Friday, I received this beautiful quilt top and backing in the mail for me to quilt which was designed and made my mother in law Diane Dillard.  She had asked me to quilt this special quilt.

The proceeds will be going to the non-profit "Duniya Center for Arts and Education" ( The money raised goes to the education of native men and women in native crafts and helps to keep their traditional music and dance alive.

I was to excited when I opened this in the mail on Friday.   I knew I just how I just wanted to quilt this right away.  So on Saturday, I started this project.  I'm moving right along, can't wait to get this finish just to see how it looks.

 I will be doing alot of freehanding quilting and rulers on this project.


I will be posting more pictures tomorrow, as I make progress on this quilt top.


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