Sunday, March 3, 2013

Easy Street Loaded!

Today, I spent the most of the day working on getting Easy Street on the Longarm.  This is the biggest quilt I have worked with yet, and it was not easy.

As usual the backing was easy to get lined up and I just took my time rolling it on the front bar.  After the backing was on it was time for the quilt top, which was not as easy to put on.  It was tricky to keep it straight and I was trying not to stretch the quilt out any further that needed due to the many bias pieces in the quilt.  After a couple of try's I finally got it on the frame.

Then started quilting, I'm doing an edge to edge panto on this one.  Will post an pictures when I get the top finished.

This evening I also prepared the tulip applique quilt top and back to put on the longarm next. This will be my first quilt top for custom quilting practice.

Well back to work tomorrow, hope everyone has a great week.


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