Monday, March 4, 2013

Coming Soon!

For the last year, I had this dream to have my own quilting business which is a passion to me.  In the last couple month my husband and I have been getting the business paperwork set up.  Now that we have that finally in place, I have to work on my other part of the business which is my practicing on my longarm quilting which I can not do very much with my current job.  So after many months of talks with my family, we are making the big plunge. Last Friday, I took a big step to my dream and and gave a months notice to my supervisor. So now I am quilting my job so I can focus on quilting full time.

I'm pleased to announce , I'm in the final stages of finishing my new website called Quilting Affection Longarm Machine Quilting Finishing Services, the website will be up and running in a couple weeks.   At first the only services I will be offering will be edge to edge pantograph quilting, binding services, and t-shirt quilts making service.  As I feel more comfortable with my custom quilting I will be adding those services to the website as well and I will announce that through my blog post, Facebook and Twitter.  

So Stay tuned we have a bright future planned!


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