Sunday, March 24, 2013

Busy Weekend!

This weekend just like last couple weekends have been busy. Yesterday, my family drove up to Bowie, Maryland for the Southern Comforters Quilting Show.  It is a small show, but was very nice and we all enjoyed it a lot.  After the quilt show we went had a nice lunch at On the Border.  Then we went to see the new "Oz" movie.  That was a great movie, and great way to end a perfect day.

Today, was a busy and fast day.  We worked on finishing up getting the rough draft of Quilting Affection's website done, now just have proof that wording and it can be published, hopefully next weekend. I also have business card now, which came in the mail on Friday.  This is getting exciting!  I'm in the final 2 weeks of my current job and I'm hoping these final weeks go quickly.  I'm starting to make a to do list for the first couple of weeks to be done around here, in sewing projects and household cleaning.  One of my biggest goals is to publish a blog entry everyday, like when I first started it.

This afternoon, I took time to get some quilting done on the Wine-bottle Wall hanging.  I got a couple more block panels finished, so I just have a two more panels and last bit of borders and I will be done, probably this week.

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