Thursday, March 14, 2013

Lancaster Class Day 1

Lancaster, PA is the happening place right now for Quilt Show goer this week. The AQS Quilt Show is this week and I just could not believe how big this show is. It is not just the main floor of the convention center, it is the total of 3 levels.  I spent all day at the convention Center on Wednesday in a Backgrounds:Basics & Beyond Long arm Class with Linda Thielfoldt from The Quilted Goose.   Linda teaches a nice and energetic class. 

In this class she showed us lots of background quilting, from different types meandering - to different ways to use feathers.  We spend part of class drawing on paper and the other working on the machine practicing what we just learned.  The only thing I don't like about the class, is the machine we were working with,  Handi-Quilter was the sponsor for the class, so we were using there machines.  I really don't like how they move around, I was fighting with the jerking motion on the machine.  I guess I just like my machine too much. 

We had a nice long lunch, so I went decide to get ahead start on my walk through of the show.  I walked on the main floor and who did I see,  Alex Anderson, sitting there talking in her booth to people, that was very cool.  As I walked around, I spotted another famous face,  Eleanor Burns, in her Quilt in a Day booth.  It was just too cool, I love watching both Eleanor Burns and Alex Anderson on TV.  

After lunch, we were back at it drawing and quilting, until 4pm.  Then it was the long trip home, so I could be back at work today.  Tomorrow, my husband and I are on our way back up Lancaster fun. I have another class Saturday morning then the afternoon free to enjoy the show.


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