Saturday, March 16, 2013

National Quilt Day!

Today, was National Quilt Day, how did you spend the day?  Well today I spent my day in Lancaster, PA. at the AQS Quilt Show taking a class and enjoying great quilts.

In the morning, I attended another great longarming class, called "Border Bonanza",  by Linda Thielfoldt, from The Quilted Goose.  Linda taught us how to take on quilt borders and be more confident with them.  Linda demonstrated a lots of designs and how to apply them to the borders, such as various ways to mark and get more accurate designs. After we practice drawing them on paper, we moved to the machines and practice them for real.  Looking forward to practice more.  Thank you Linda for all you taught us this week!

After the class, my husband and I walk around the show, looking at the great quilts that were selected for the show.  Unfortunately, I can't share a lot of them do to the rules of the show.  While walking around I found several neat gadgets at this show that I have not seen before. Such as the Spiral Eye Needles, and nice new way of threading your needles for tying off.  

Just what a great way to spend National Quilt Day, with all the quilters in one building.  How you enjoyed the day also.


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