Saturday, March 2, 2013

New Longarm Storage Unit

Today, as I was cleaning my longarm room,  I looked around and noticed I had no storage and organization in this room, and I needed it badly. I had my bobbin winder sitting on top of my DVD player, pantographs on the floor, thread all hanging out of my storage box.  

So my husband I went to target and looked at bookcases, and other storage units, nothing looked just like I wanted.  Then I thought about it some and I came up with the idea of a tool chest from Sears. So we went to the mall.

We were in luck they had all their tool chests on sale.  The one I was thinking about was a nice pink color, with only 7-8 drawers.  But we keep looking at them, then we found this one that had 13 varies size drawers, plus it was the cheapest of them all in stock.  We got it and it was the best decision, I love it.

The only thing my husband had to do was put the caster wheels on the bottom unit. So all I had to do was put everything away.  I was going to go back to target and get shelf liners, but I was looking at a piece of batting and decided to use older pieces I had in a storage tub.  I just cut the pieces to fit the drawers, and I put a piece of batting in between the bottom and middle units.

Now, I finally feel organized around my longarm table, everything has its place finally in one area.  Also have plenty room to grow as my thread and pantograph collections grow. 

Tomorrow, I can finally can get Easy Street on the longarm and start quilting it. Hope you all are enjoying your weekend!



  1. Cool!
    It looks nice in red and black! But I wouldn't call it a storage "unit". Rather a storage "cabinet".
    Storage units are big rooms where you can store stuff. Like this - Self Storage London UK

  2. This is awesome! I never would have thought to organize my things in this way, but I really like it. When we have extra stuff, we avoid organization, because I never have the patience. We currently have a unit for storage in Edmonton that is full of junk. We seriously need to just rid of all of it. Then I need to be organized like you!