Saturday, January 25, 2014

Kansas City Star BOM #2

Yesterday morning, I spent half of the day working on adding content to our new website that is still in beta mode, until we are done adding the content and make sure it is working correctly for our potential customers.  By mid afternoon, I was decided I had enough of the desk work and move to the sewing room. 

Once in the sewing room, I noticed that I had another Kansas City Star Block to do.  So, I worked on this one.  Block 2- "Dutchman's Puzzle and Windmill".  If you remember from the first block, which you can read Here.  The blocks come are that where published in the Kansas City Star Newspaper.  Block 2- was printed on April 2, 1930.  

This block was a nice easy!  You are making 8 flying geese, in two different colors. Then sewing two together, and then the bigger block and sewing them in the direction like below.  The unfinished size is 12 1/2" x 12 1/2".

Now I have caught up on this Block of Month.  I'm on a roll on my blocks of month quilts that I'm currently working on.  Can I keep it up? 

Have a fun sewing and a great weekend!


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