Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2013 is gone and now for 2014!

Happy New Year! Wow it is now 2014, time to set some new resolutions for me and Quilting Affections!  Before we do, let's look back on 2013 to see how we did.

One year ago, I wrote my 2013 resolutions in this blog post,  

I set 5 goals and resolutions for 2013:

  1. Finish getting the first set of quilting patterns ready to publish. 
  2. Develop a website to sell patterns, and for advertising longarm services.
  3. Goal to be ready to provide longarm services by mid year.
  4. Continue Daily Blog posts and expand the blog.
  5. Develop block/pattern tutorials.
How did we do:

#1 - is still in the works we have 3-4 patterns right now in the works and have them in the  finishing stages.

#2 - The website was developed for the long-arm services, but not for the selling of Patterns.  But changes are in the works.

#3 - I did get my longarm service setup and running by April.

#4 - My Daily Blog post didn't continue as planned, but I did manage to get in several posts a week.

#5 - My block/pattern tutorial didn't get developed.

Wow, looking at these I still have work for my resolutions, but I did get a lot quilts made in this past year. I think I completed about 18 quilts, including the customer quilts.  The best part of the year for me was winning the Best in Show with my Tulip Quilt, and also finding out that the African Quilt raised over $1100 in a fund raising auction.  Another highlight would have to be hearing customer reactions when their quilts are returned to them.

Now, what do I want to set as my goals and resolutions for 2014.
  1. Set up and get an online fabric store operational.  The site will have this blog and longarm services included in it.  (Stay Tuned)
  2. Publish the first patterns that are currently under development.
  3. Develop more T-shirt quilt pattern designs and strength the advertisement of the T-shirt quilts.
  4. Continue with the Daily Blogs post, and expand with adding Embroidery tutorials by my husband.
  5. Strengthen my longarm skills, such as feathers, fills, etc.
 May 2014, be a quilty and safe year for everyone.  I hope everyone will continue to follow Quilting Affection as it goes into it moves into the new year and the next phase of development.

Happy New Years!


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