Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Celtic Solstice Part 4!

Today, was full of business work at the desk top, so very little sewing was done today.  But we did finally get Celtic Solstice Part 4 Finished this morning.  As I stated on Monday's Blog Post for Celtic Solstice Part 3, my husband volunteered to work on Part 4 of the mystery quilt. 

So I started him off with cutting 2" strips of orange and green.  Then I sewed all the orange and green together with right sides together, making 3-1/2" strips. Then press open to the green side.  Then we cut all the strips into 2".  

I then showed him how to match up the seams on the cut 2" strips to make the 4-patches.  He sewed the first one together and press open and the seams match up great and the measures matched to 3-1/2" x 3-1/2".  He did great for the first one.  So he put a few more together then checked them and the same results.  So I left him to work on them as I worked on Part 3.

So, he continued, making all the 300 4-patches.   He even correct mistakes he would make, with  either seams not matching or uneven seams as checked them.  He finished the 4-patches this morning, even had to making a few strips sets on his own.  

It was great to have some one to sew with, especially someone you love.  I look forward to the next part of the mystery, which we will work on together.


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