Tuesday, January 7, 2014

2013 Designer Mystery Block 6!

I got a little time, the other day and made up Block 6 of the Designer Mystery from Fat Quarter Shop. Block 6 is called "Sparklers".   

This block uses a lot of diagonal lines to make the center for the block. 2 of the large rectangles were have squares on both ends to make the half chevron look on the block.  Combined with half square triangles it makes a nice center of the block.

After the center is made, it is time to make more pieces with diagonal lines.  You make 4 of these.

And 4 of these.  This one you need to sew the large red square on first on the corner, then you sew the small green square over the red triangle to make this look.

Then you just add these to the outside of the center block.  You can start to see the why the name of the block is "Sparkle".

When done it looks like this.

It was a fast block to put together.

Stay safe and Warm today!


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