Monday, January 13, 2014

Celtic Solstice Part 5!

This weekend was a busy weekend here at the house, but we still found time with to finish Part 5 of the Celtic Solstice Mystery Quilt.  Yes, when I say we, that means that my husband helped me again.  He is really enjoying sewing, and wants to learn more.  And I really enjoy the company while sewing.

Saturday, we started with the first half of the squares. I cut the white/cream triangles to be sewn on the sides of the half square triangles made in Part 3.  Once I had a lot of the triangles cut, I showed my husband how to sew the first triangles on the triangles and he was off.  When he finished a bunch, I cut it off his chain and began to sew on the other side triangle.  It went that way.  When he finished he started cutting apart  all the ones I finished and ironed them open.  We then had all 244 half way finished.

Then on Sunday afternoon, I cut triangles from 3-1/2"  blue strips.  Once we got them all cut, I showed him how to sew on the triangles to the other half we made the day before.  Making sure that you sew right over the middle point so the points match up.  I gave him some of the stacks of blue and other side and he started in.  This was a little more of a challenge for him, but he took his time and got them done.  I did the rest of them and press them all open to the blue side. All 244 are now finished.

Now the next step will be to make the blocks, hoping to get started next Sunday, due to Friday and Saturday we will be attending a Floriani Embroidery Class in Fairfax, Va.

Hope you all have a great week!  Mine will be full of desk work and pattern designing.


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