Monday, March 19, 2018

Quilt Qwazy Queens Blog Hop: Rapid Fire Hunter Star UFO

Welcome to the Quilt Qwazy Queens Blog Hop Day #3.  It is great to participate in this fun blog hop.  This year, the theme is UFO's.

Here is a list of today's participants:

Monday, March 19, 2018

I have many UFO's in my little closet that I have not finished or even started. Many of them have been sitting there long before I even dreamed of becoming a Full-time pattern designer and having my own business.

The one UFO that I choose this year to finish was my first Studio 180 Design Project. It is a Rapid Fire Hunter Star quilt, that just needed the borders added and to be quilted.  I started this project way back in 2011 or 2012; not really sure about the exact time. I took this as a class when I was starting to get back into quilting full time. I wanted to learn something new and to practice my sewing skills. To finish the quilt, I just needed to add borders and it would have been finished. However, it just sat in my closet, with all the remaining fabrics, I just never got around to finishing the borders.

I had to really laugh at myself when I pulled this quilt top out. It had so many points not lined up correctly. I couldn't believe I left a quilt in this shape, so I decided to take it apart and correct some of the major problems.

Once I had all the blocks apart, I figured out my main problem was with my seam allowance. It was not set to 1/4".  Which makes all the pieces off when you use the Rapid Fire Hunter Star ruler to trim the pieces.  

So, I decided to trim them up as much as possible and stitch it all back together using a true 1/4" seam allowance. When it was back together, it looked so much better, and I was happier with the outcome. It was not perfect due to some of the blocks needed to be redone from the beginning. Anyway, I decided to go ahead an add the borders to the quilt top and finish it the way it was.

After some quilting and the binding, you can't tell I had to take it apart. I have finally finished my first Deb Tucker Studio 180 Design project, that I started years ago.  I want to make more of these now, they are so much fun.

Now, I can cross that off my UFO list!  In the last couple years, I have come to love, and use the Studio 180 Design Rulers in my pattern Designs and projects.  

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Also follow my blog here to keep up with my progress on the Studio 180 Design BlockBuster Master the Rulers challenge.

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Friday, March 16, 2018

2018 Master the Rulers: Studio 180 Design Blockbuster 10

Today, I am showing you something new for Blockbuster #10 Twisted Pinwheel.  Still using the Studio 180 Design V Block® tool, but in a whole new twist, making Sidekick & High/Low units.  So, I needed refered the Studio 180 Design Sidekick/High-Low Technique Sheet.  

The Sidekick & High/low units can be tricky, so make sure you read all the directions on the technique sheet throughly before starting.  The trickies part of the making the units is the position and orientation of the colors.

To start off, you make the Sidekick units.  Referring to the V-Block tool, to get the size of the strips you will need for the base units and side triangles. Once you have the base unit strip cut out, you will then subcut into squares.  

Then you need to determine where the sidekick is going to be place in your unit, left or right. When you have figured it out you will use the center cutting line on the V-Block Tool to cut out the based units.

Next, you will need to cut out the side pieces using the cut line for side triangle on the V-Block® trimmer.

Once you have all the pieces cut out you start sewing them together and press open. This is the same process as when we make V-Blocks. Trim down four of the Sidekick units using your V-Block trimmer.

Next, we will take the rest of the Sidekick units that were not trimmed, and make High/Low units.  Start by cutting out the squares according to the chart on the Technique Sheet. Draw a diagonal line across the square on the wrong side of the fabric. Then layer the squares on the opposite side of the sidekick piece and stitch.  Trim the excess fabric 1/4" away from the stitch line and press open.

Trim the High/Low units using the V Block® Trimmer.  Remember to refer to the technique sheet before trimming to read how to trim the units correctly.

Now the Sidekick & High/Low Units are made I need to make one 4-Path unit.  So I tried out my new Four Patch Square Up Ruler by Studio 180 Designs.  This is one of the newest rulers they put out and I fell in love with it.

To Start off the four patch unit, refer to the instructions on the ruler to get the width size of the strips you will need to make patch units.  I only need two pieces so I made mine short.  

Then sew the two strips together, and press open to one side.

Trim the strip to the size of the strips you started out with. Stitch the units together and press open.

The units will be oversized, so using the Four Patch Square Up trimmer, line up the ruler on the four patch unit and cut according to size.

You get a clean crisp four patch.  

Now it is time to assemble the units. 

Here is the completed Twisted Pinwheel, Blockbuster #10. 

Next week, I will be making Blockbuster #11 Search Light using the Corner Beam® Trimmer.  I will be making them live at 2:30pm EST on Quilting Affection Designs Facebook page.  I will make a second with with pictures also for this post. So next week will be a fun.

Have a great weekend.  I will have another blog on Monday, for the Quilt Qwazy Blog Hop.  So remember to watch for the Blog on Monday.

"Designs to Inspire"

Friday, March 9, 2018

2018 Master the Rulers: Studio 180 Design Blockbuster 9

Hello Everyone!  I hope everyone had a wonderful week. Today, I will be showing you another block from the blockbuster challenge.  Block #9 is called Three in one.  
The block is made up of V-Block, Combination and Quarter Square Triangles so you will be using the V-Block® and the Tucker Trimmer® 1. You need to plan out your block very carefully if you change the colors or change the direction of the V-block or the Combination units you will get a whole new block out of it.

I choose block 1 in the series, due it looked like fun to make.  I made it with this Island Batik color combination in a 12" block.

I began by making my V-Block units.  The more V-Blocks you make, the more comfortable you will become with them. With the V-Block Trimmer, they are fast and easy to make. 

Then I followed by making the Quarter Triangles and Combination units. After that, I laid out the units into the block layout I wanted to make and began sewing it all together. 

Block #9 is now complete, and it was enjoyable to make.  

See you next week, where I will be making something new with the V-Block®  and the Sidekick/High-Low Technique Sheet.


Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Island Batik Autumn Grace Collection: Entangled Paths!

This week the Island batiks are highlighting the gorgeous Autumn Grace Collection. 

The autumn grace collection brings you back to fall with the vibrant colors. 

  I have used these 6 beautiful colors from the collection in my latest quilt pattern "Entangled Paths." 

Entangled Paths is an eye-catching lap size quilt measures 64" x 76" would be great for the particular person in your life.  This exciting pattern uses a combination of the drunkard's path and rail fence blocks.  

The pattern was designed with the 6" Drunkards Path Bloc_LocⓇ Ruler, but the pattern does include templates for completing the blocks.  The pattern also includes thoroughly and carefully illustrated pattern instructions to help make this generous lap size quilt easy to achieve.

The Drunkards Path Bloc_Loc® Ruler comes with the Drunkard Path templates and makes the making really easy.   Watch my "Quilt Talk Tuesday" on how to make the Drunkard Path using this ruler.

You can purchase the Drunkards Path Bloc_Loc® Ruler at your local quilt store or visit the Bloc_Loc Website Here.

If you wish to purchase my Entangled Path you can do so on my website, Quilting Affection Designs.  

Wholesale customersyou can buy my pattern through your Island Batik Sales Representative, from Island Batik directly, or at

I would love to hear your comments on this pattern, just comment below.

"Designs to Inspire"

Friday, March 2, 2018

2018 Master the Rulers: Studio 180 Design Blockbuster 8

Today is Blockbuster #8 in my quest to master the Studio 180 Design Rulers.  BlockBuster #8 is called 54-50 or the Fight Block, and it uses the V Block Trimmer.

I have used the V Block Ruler, in my latest pattern Ramblin' Star.  So I have a great feel, a great handle on making the V Block units.

I started the V- Block unit by cutting out my template pieces with the V-Block® Trimmer.  The directions for cutting out the template pieces can be found in the ruler instructions that came with the ruler.

I then lined up the long edge of the side triangle with the edges of the center triangle.  Then stitched down the long edge. Press open and repeat on the other side.

Now is the fun part of trimming the unit to size using the V Block® Trimmer.

Using the Trim downside of the ruler makes it so easy to get the accuracy you need to get that finished size.

Now that my V Block units were complete, the rest of the block was pretty easy.  I had to make the Four Patch Units and cut out the center unit square.

Time to start assembling the unit.

I stitched the rows together, once I had each row together. I then stitched all the rows together to get the finished block. One thing you need to remember with stitching the units together is to make sure the points line up in the V Block sections. You need to get a nice clean point on the side and bottom of the units.

My 54-50 or Fight block is now complete.  What do you think? This was a fun and easy block to make.

Next week, I will be making Blockbuster # 9 - Three in One block, using the V BlockⓇ Trimmer and the Tucker® Trimmer 1.  

Talk to you next week, and remember if you have missed the first six Blockbuster blocks you can catch up HERE.

Have a great weekend of Creating!


"Designing to Inspire"