Friday, October 21, 2016

Eerie Nights Blog Hop - The Witches are Back!

Welcome to the Eerie Nights Blog Hop Day 2!  When Marian from Seam to Be Sew announced the name of the Halloween Themed Blog Hop, I knew exactly what my project was going to be for this Hop.

Last year, for the STBS (Seam to Be Sew) Blog Hops, I introduced a cute pattern I designed called Three Witches Brew.  This pattern was inspired from my two best friends, we are always up to something mischievous when we see each other.  

Well this year, these mischievous three witches are back in this second pattern and heading out on a little "Road Trip".  There is also a spy in the mist.  Where they going and who is spying on them we don't know with these mischievous friends.

When I was in Minnesota a month ago, I had my friends daughter write a story to this new pattern. Below is her cute interpretation in her word.

Road Trip
Once there were Three Witches going on a quest to find two things.  They had to take one part of what they needed.  First they needed a shard of glass a beautiful princess laid in, second they needed a spinning wheel a lady once pricked her finger on.  The witches set out in the moonlight but what they didn’t know was that an owl was watching them and it was not an ordinary owl it was a wizard named, Rovy the Great.
The witches found the coffin and took a shard from the coffin.  Next they flew to the castle and took the needle of the spinning wheel last they went back to the graveyard and they saw the wizard.  Rovy the Great wanted them to go and take the things back to their rightful places, but the witches ran to the tree of spells and made a potion was to bring back the dead.  So the three witches went out to the grave yard and they cast. Then mummies came up from the graves and the wizards was furious so he turned back to an owl. And the three witches celebrated.
-          By Lillie age 11 -

This pattern is now available on my website for $12.95 both paper and Pdf downloadable versions. 

Also Available, Three Witches Brew also in paper and PDF downloadable versions.  You can also order the kit for this pattern here.

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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

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Monday, October 10, 2016

EQ7 Designing Panel Quilts - Custom Layout

After teaching Beginning EQ7 Class last weekend.  I was asked on how to design Panel Quilts in EQ.  Well I decided share my experience with designing Panel Quilts.  In this month’s blog I will show you how to set up a Panel Quilt using Custom Layout Style.  Using the Custom Layout allows you design on Layer 1.

Below are the steps on how to set up my Panel Quilt.

1. Create New Project.

2. Click Quilt > New Quilt > Custom Set.

3. Click Layout, select the center of quilt size.  In this quilt example, I used 46” x 46”.

4. Click the Layer 1 tab at the bottom.

5. Click the Set Block tool.

6. Right-click inside the palette and choose Add Plain Block.

7. Drag the “Plain Block” from the Sketchbook Palette onto the quilt. You will notice the block will snap into place and will be 6” x 6”, in the next step we will adjust the size for the Panel.

8. Click the Adjust tool, then click to select the block on the quilt.  Most Panels are made 24” x 44”, but make sure you measure your panel before finalizing your quilt design.

9. After the Panel Block is adjusted to the correct size.  Click on the Center horizontal and vertical buttons which will move you Panel block to the exact center of the quilt center.

10. Now, in the next couple steps we will add 1” sashing pieces around the Panel block using the Plain Block.

11. Click the Set Block tool.

12. Click on the plain block and drag into the quilt center.

13. Click the Adjust tool and select the block to 1” x 44” these piece will be added to the sides of the Panel. Place on the Left side of the Panel Block.

14. With the Sashing piece still selected, click Edit > Copy, then Edit > Paste.

15. Click the Adjust tool and select the copy sashing piece and drag to the rightside.

16. Repeat with the top sashing pieces. Using 26” x 1” for the top and bottom of the panel quilt.

17. Next steps filling in the empty sides around the Panel and Sashing blocks.  I choose 2 blocks that I liked for the quilt.  I’m using an Hourglass and modified half square triangles that I added to the sketchbook.  The modified half square triangle was done in the EasyDraw worktable.  You can replace these blocks with blocks of your choice.

18. Select the Modified half square triangle in the Sketchbook and drag it to the far top right corner of the quilt. Setting the block orientation to be 0 x 0.
19. With that block still selected, Click Edit > Copy, then Edit > Paste. Drag it to the opposite side. Setting the block orientation to be 36 x 0.

20. Repeat 2 more times, dragging the blocks to the bottom corners.  Making sure that all the alignments match up.

21. Setting the block orientation on the left bottom to 0 x 36. Right Bottom Position 36 x 36.

Note: You can adjust the Size and Orientation by using the Precision bar, see the diagram above. Refer to your Manual Page 90 - 91.

22. Rotate the blocks, so the blocks are positioned diagonally.

23. Select the “Plain block” in the sketchbook. Drag it under the top right Modified half square triangle.

24. Adjust the block to 10” x 1” sashing pieces.  Setting the block Position at 0 x 10.
With that 10“x 1” sashing block still selected, Click Edit > Copy, then Edit > Paste.

25. Drag it to the opposite side. Setting the block Position at 36 x 0.

26. Select the Hourglass block, dragging the block to below the 10” x 1” sashing block.
With Hourglass block still selected, Click Edit > Copy, then Edit > Paste. Drag it to the opposite side.

27. Select the block to 10” x 4” sashing block. Drag it under the top left 10” x 1” sashing block.

28. Adjust the block to 10” x 4” sashing block.  Setting the block Position at 0 x 21.

29. With that 10“x 4” sashing block still selected, Click Edit > Copy, then Edit > Paste. Drag it to the opposite side. Setting the block Position at 36 x 21.

30. Select the already placed Hourglass block on the leftside of the Panel, Click Edit > Copy, then Edit > Paste. Setting the block 
Position at 0 x 25.

31. With Hourglass block still selected, Click Edit > Copy, then Edit > Paste. Drag it to the opposite side. Setting the block Position at 36 x 25.

32. Select the already placed 10” x 1” sashing block on the leftside of the Panel, Click Edit > Copy, then Edit > Paste. Setting the block Position at 0 x 35.

33. With 10” x 1” sashing block still selected, Click Edit > Copy, then Edit > Paste. Drag it to the opposite side. Setting the block Position at 36 x 35.

34. Add borders to the quilt. Border 1(Inner Border), Long horizontal 1" and border 2, Mitered 3". 

35. Finish your design with a little color of your choice, you can placing the panel in the center panel block. 

This shows you how to use set up a Panel quilt in EQ7.  Next month November 10th, I will show you how to set up another panel quilt using a horizontal layout.

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Saturday, October 1, 2016

Pattern Release

Today, I'm releasing my newest pattern "Beneath the Wave".  Many of you got a glimpse of this pattern in the August Island Batiks "SeaSide Summer" Blog Hop.  If you didn't get a chance to read the blog just click on this link.

This is a bright and cheery pattern that will give you the feel of swimming in the water with the beautiful fish or just looking inside an aquarium.  The pattern would be a lovely wallhanging or baby blanket and measures 42" x 36" and features Island Batiks "Surf Squirt" Collection, which are some beautiful fabrics.  

Beneath the Wave is a carefully designed and illustrated pattern for an Advanced Beginner or Intermediate skill level.   

If you are interesting in this pattern, just hop on over to our Quilting Affection website and purchase it now. 

Little FYI, we are having a pattern sale right now to celebrate the coming of Fall.  All Patterns are now 40% off until October 25th (must use the Coupon Code: QA40 to get the discount).  So now is time to purchase your patterns.


I'm Published!

I'm so excited, today is October 1st, and that means I have a big announcement. 


I have my first pattern ever to be published in a Magazine, and it is out today.  The Quilt Pattern Magazine published my "Jack" pattern in their October issue.

Jack's is an Intricate looking quilt and very easy to piece.  The color possibilities for this one are endless; just using 3 shades of one color and an accent color.  This makes a nice lap size quilt for someone to cuttle up to on those cool fall and winter days.

The quilt above was made with Northcott Ambience Collection.

Never heard of The Quilt Pattern Magazine well you should check them out.  The magazine is a green,  meaning it is not printed, so you download it monthly.  It comes with the patterns instructions and templates, which are all high quality and tested.

Also the The Quilt Pattern Magazine is offering for a short time a special subscription price.

Just click on the link below and type in the Secret Code: qa

Hope you all will hop on over to the Magazine and enjoy my pattern.


Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Autumn Table Runner - Island Batiks Bountiful Table Toppers

The weather is finally cooler and the leaves are turning color.  Autumn is here! I love this time of year that brings out the sweaters and flannel shirts to get nice and cozy in.  It was also time to pull out the fall decorations, so when Island Batiks challenged the Ambassadors this month to make a Bountiful Table Topper.  I looked through my Island Batik box for fall colors and came up a quick and easy tablerunner for my coffee table.

This table runner measures 46" x 21" when finished.  The center is made from the Equinox charm pack bundle Island Batiks Fabrics and 1/2 yard of  Neutral "Yolk" Island Batik Fabric. The borders also used a coordinating Island Batik Fabric that required a 1/2 yard.

After sorting the 5" charm pack bundle into a happy layout that I liked, I trimmed them into 4" squares. The neutral sashing was cut into1 1/2" x 4" rectangles.  I also cut 1 1/2" x 1 1/2" squares for the joining the sashing pieces.  Then I assembled this runner in an on-point layout to create a beautiful autumn tabletopper. 

After the final corner were placed I trimmed the edges to leave 1/4" seam allowance. Then added the borders. The first was 1 1/2" wide with the neutral fabric, and second outer border was 3 1/2".  

I quilted this table runner with Indian Summer Panto by Patricia Ritter, and leftover Quilters Dream Batting. Then added a nice red Island Batik Fabric for the binding. I completed this tablerunner in just 2 days, It was nice and easy to make. 

I'm ready for fall now with my new fall tablerunner looks great on my coffee table. 

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Have a Great Quilting Day!