Friday, June 10, 2016

EQ7 – Create Fast Easy Designs

When designing with EQ7, there is a fast and fun way to achieve various combination of blocks by flipping and rotating all of them at once.  The Symmetry Tool allows you to do this; it automates flipping and rotating all the blocks simultaneously.

The tool can be found on the right side tool bar under the rotate and flip tool.  

Note: this tool is only available on Layer 1 and also all blocks must be asymmetrical blocks. 

Step 1: From the Quilt Worktable, set your blocks in the quilt.

Step 2: Click on the Symmetry Tool.  Hold the CTRL key and click on the quilt. The tool is capable of producing 16 variations of the quilt designs, the 17th click will return to the original setting.

Examples of some of the random combinations.

 Step 3: Click on Add to Sketchbook when you find a layout you like.

 Best Effect 
  Horizontal layouts with no sashing
Click to affect all blocks in the quilt (use the ALT + Click for alternating blocks)

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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Wanted Quilt Pattern Testers!

Hello everyone. I hope you are is having a good start to your there summer. I have been busy with vending at quilt shows and designing new patterns. 
Which brings me why I'm sending
this blog today. I'm in search of building an email list for people who want to become Quilt Pattern Testers for Quilting Affection Original Patterns. 

I'm looking for people that consider themselves as Intermediate/Advance skill level. Our patterns are both applique and pieced.  What I'm looking for is virtual testers that can meticulously proofreading, comment on flow and ease of the instructions, test the math, etc.  You don't have to make the blocks. I usually need this in a quick turn around time frame.  I will supply you with a full detailed list of what I'm looking for when I email a pattern testing request.  

In return for your help you receive a free final copy of the published pattern. Your help is greatly appreciated and I look forward to working with you as a pattern tester.  If you’re interested in becoming a tester please fill out the form HERE or on the top right side of the blog

If you chose to make the actual quilt I’d love to feature it on my blog and Facebook pages so please share photos. The best part of being a designer is to see the finished quilts everyone makes with my patterns!


Saturday, May 14, 2016

Island Batiks Ambassadors: Playful Paper Piecing

This month challenge for the Island Batik Ambassadors was Playful Paper Piecing. 
#playfulpaperpiecing #islandbatik
 Paper piecing is one of my weakness, I have only done it once before and I found it to be challenging, mainly due to lack of practice.  With that in mind I looked through the EQ7 library and found some crazy blocks I liked. So I starting to play with colors and came up with the below designed with 7 1/2" blocks.    
Original Design in EQ7

I had rough time getting the first couple pieces sewn together when I started, but after that it seemed to flow surprising well.  After the blocks were completed, I thought it would be fun to play with them a little.  I cut the blocks into 4 pieces and added a thin black sashing piece in the middle. This turned out to be a great touch to the placemats.

My choice of fabrics were 5" strips from the Island Batik Stash Building Package.  Then I added the left over fabric for the borders to get the finished projects.
Finished Placemats
The placements add a little color to our breakfast bar.

Some of our other Ambassadors have finished their challenges projects, be sure to check their playful projects:

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

What can EQ7 do for you?

What can EQ7 do for you? Whether you are a serious quilt designer or a hobbyist that has a couple of design ideas that you want to play with. EQ7 by the Electronic Quilt Company, is a tool that can speed up your work and expand your creativity. EQ7 is a computer software program which allows you to design a quilt from the basic block to the finished layout. Many of Quilting Affection Patterns are designed in EQ7 especially the pieced patterns.  Let me show you a few features that makes it fun and easy to design your next quilt in EQ7.  

EQ7 contains more than 5,000 ready to use blocks in the Block library, ranging from Foundation, Applique, and Pieced. If you don't see what you are looking for you can draw your own.  Once you are happy with the block, you have the ability to  insert colors or fabrics into the individual pieces. Then if you want to see the design in another color, you can just change them in a matter of seconds without having to completely redrawing the block.

There are over 5000 different scanned fabrics included in the program. You can also scan and import your own fabrics from your own stash.

When you are ready, EQ7 lets you put all the blocks together and build an entire quilt. You have the flexibility to choose the number of rows and columns to include in the quilt. If your block are not all the same size you also will have the ability to create custom layouts.
To add to the fun once the blocks are set in the quilt, you can rotate and change the fabric and or coloring to get different looks. This really enable you to stretch your imagination.

Once the quilt is designed to your liking, EQ7 will provide you with recommended rotary cutting instructions and even calculate the amount of each fabric you will need to build your quilt.
It actually does all of the math for you. You also have the ability to print your fabric yardage charts, rotary cutting charts, templates and foundation piecing.  You can also export images of your quilt so others can see what you are doing.

Here are a few of the quilts that I have designed in EQ7;

EQ7 Design (Bed of Flowers)
Finished Quilt

EQ7 Design - Flower Bloom

Actual Quilts

EQ7 is a wonderful tool that allows you to get creative with your quilt designs. This is just the start what you can do with the program, there is so much more. If you worried about the using the software product, Electric Quilt Company, has lots of ways for you to learn, from online tutorials to taking classes at EQ Academy’s.  Also many of your local quilt stores may offer beginning classes.
Need more information on EQ7 check out their website at

This year Electric Quilt Company is celebrating their 25th Anniversary.  On the 10th of every month check out their blog for updates on contests and giveaways. There are also several social media promotions on Facebook and Instagram.

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Have a great quilting day,