Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Women of Courage Block 9!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!  I know we did, we picked up our new vehicle from the dealership.  We got a  new Hyundai Santa Fe, It was my husbands choice in vehicles, but I love it also.  Sunday, we had a great day, working on business work in the morning and watching the Seattle Seahawks win there first Super Bowl Championship.  My husband is now happy, he has been a fan since they started in 1976.

Yesterday, I totally forgot a blog post, sorry about that.  I did get more done on the finalizing the website done, ordered batting for my longarm service and to sell in my store.  Plus, I did get another block done on the Women of Courage Quilt.  

Block 9- Mother Teresa, block starts with making 16 hour glass units.  That's right we are making 16 blocks.

Once you have the hour glass made you will sew brown triangles on left side on 8 of the units and then on the other 8 units sew the brown on the right side.  

 You will repeat this process with the background color triangles, to finish sewing making the half square triangles.

Once your triangles are ready, sew them to the blue fabric to finish the square and press open. 

The Mother Teresa blocks will look like these.  8 units with the brown in the right hand side and 8 units with the brown in left hand side.  This is a easy block to complete and is pretty.

Well time to head to the sewing room to make more blocks.

Hope everyone has a great sewing day!


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