Friday, February 7, 2014

Last Blocks for Women of Courage!

Last Blocks are now finished for the Women of Courage Quilt!  Block 11 is one block style but in two different colors for two different women.  The blue star blocks are for Rosa Parks, and the red star is for Madeleine de Vercheres.  

The stars start with preparing the flying geese in two different sizes.  One size will be used in the middle of the stars and the larger size will be used in making the outer sides of the middle block. 

Once all the flying geese made I start assembling the blocks, by adding the squares to each side of the geese.

Then after the middle block was assembled I add the outer border to the middle to combine the block.  I made 4 of the blue.

The red block was done the same way, but I only had one to make of them. (bad picture)

The final blocks are done now and I can start assembling this block next week, so exciting.

Hope everyone has a great sewing weekend!



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