Monday, February 24, 2014

Busy Weekend and Monday!

The last couple days have been really busy for us.  Saturday and Sunday were days of running errands in town.  Saturday, we had to run to the car dealership to resign paperwork due they messed up some of the numbers, which worked into our favor slightly lower monthly payments.  Then to Home Depot to get a few items we needed.  We didn't find the shelving unit I wanted for the spare bedroom to store all the fabric on so we went to BJ's Warehouse Store and we found a nice on there. 

Sunday we were back to running errands again this time to Annapolis for our every 6 month running shoe purchase.  My legs and feet are very happy now, new shoes with cushion.  Then we went back to town to pick up dog food, then home. 

Display RodWhen we got home, My husband put up my Quilt Display Rod in the Sewing Room. The rod is just two pieces dowel rods and we hung them with curtain rod brackets.  I will hang the quilts with the curtain rod clips.  It will hold a King Size quilt. 

Once that was we put together the new shelving unit in the spare bedroom and put all the fabric on the shelves, we will have plenty of room for more fabric.  Now we just need to put up the new ceiling fan so we can see in the room.  I have a little rearranging I want to do in that room to make more room but I'm happy so far.

Women of CourageMonday, I got my morning run outside in the cool crisp air.  Then I got the rough drafts of the patterns printed and mailed off to My mother in law for proofing.  I got some more errands done while I was in town.  By early afternoon, I was home and quilting which I did get another row finished.  Today, I hope to get the half way done point.

Last Night, we got the design layout of the website newsletter finished.  Just need to get that put in the system.  Hope to get the newsletter out on the first of the month.  If you would like to subscribe to the Quilting Affection Newsletter just click on this link:

Well time to go and get quilting!

Have a Great Sewing and Quilting Day!


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