Friday, April 12, 2013

Split Orange Peel Day 2!

Day two of the Split Orange Peel quilt top, started with finishing cutting out the row sets into melon shapes. After cutting all the melons out,  I cut the half melon shape out from the row sets.  Then counted to make sure I had enough melons and realized that I was short on both the full and half melon shapes.  Then decided to make another four row set and cut them out, and it gave me a few more to work with for the layout.

I put all the melons to a side and set up the pattern board with the background fabric to add the grid on the fabric. To set up the grid I laid the background fabric on the pattern board using the grid lines marking the 1" by sticking T-pins in the pattern board, then marking with T-pins every 6" between the the 1" markers.  Once I place all the T-pins I used a quilters chalk line and snap lines making 6 x 8 grid on the fabric.

After I had all the grid lines in place I laid out all the melons on the grid lines, leaving the half melon shapes until all the center melons placed on the top.  Once I had all the full melons in placed I placed all the half melon shapes on the outer line with the flat part hanging over 1/4" the line for the seam allowance.

After I placed all the melons I press them down with a small iron to make sure everything was fused correctly to the background fabric.

My next step will be to sew all the melons to the background with a decorative stitch, and sew on the borders, but probably won't happen until next week, due to there is yard work to be done this weekend.


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