Thursday, April 18, 2013

Split End Orange Peel Quilt Top Finished!

I spent all day yesterday working on the decorative stitching around all the melons on the quilt top.  By the end of the day I was able to trim up the excess background fabric. So today I was able to sew on the borders.

I started with the inner border which is 1 1/2" pieces cut from the background fabric.  I sewed on the width pieces first and then sewed on the length pieces.  This makes it looked finished, but  I still have one more set of borders to make.

The next set of borders, takes the set of    2 1/2" strips that I aside from the preparation process.  I cut 4- 2 1/2" x 10" bricks and with the rest of them                2 1/2" x  6 1/2" blocks then I sewed the bricks together.  To do this, I first made 2 sets of four and sewed them end to end. Once those were completed, I added the    4 - 2 1/2" x 10" brick at each of the ends.  Pressed the seams to either side.  Then I then needed to make 2 more sets, but this time sets of 8.

Once I had the borders sewn on the set of 8 borders, with the seams centered with the seams of the melons as much as possible.  Once I had them sewn on, I press the side borders open.  Then I centered the borders on the top and bottom of the quilt top and I pressed the final seams open.  I finally completed the quilt top and I love it!  

After completing the quilt top this afternoon, I made a trip to Material Girls Quilt Shop and picked up the backing and binding for the it. For the binding I will be using the background fabric and for the backing I will be using the fabric that inspired all these Batik colors. 

Overall, this was a great pattern, I have made several notes on what to remember for the next time. I would love to do this patten again, in a different color scheme this time.  Tomorrow, I will finish getting the backing ready for the long-arm.


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