Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Next Quilt Top

This week with my husband working the evening shift, I have been taking advantage to some evening quilting time in the sewing room.  So last night, I prepared the backing and batting for the Meadow Friends Quilt Top, now they just have to be loaded on the Long-arm.  Now it was time to start a new a new quilt top, for a little boy that loves star wars, whose sister is getting the Meadow Friends quilt.

Making this quilt into a laps size in the Rail Fence patten.  This pattern is easy to make, you are cutting strips of fabric and cutting them to size. I will do a tutorial on this in a couple days, once completely done. Now, that I have all my pieces cut down to size, I having a hard time decided which layout I want to use.  Pinwheel or Fence layouts.  I'm thinking that it will be the Rail Fence to this one.  What do you think?
Pinwheel Layout

Rail Fence Layout

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