Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Binding Day!

Yesterday I finished working on quilting the "Star Wars" Rail Fence Quilt Top.  All the quilting on this quilt was done with rulers.  I think it came out really nice.  So today, I prepared bindings for 3 different quilts.  Two of the binding went on the quilt tops today, one for the Rail Fence quilt top and the other for the Wine Bottle Wall hanging.  Just need to finish binding to the back of the quilts now.  The other binding is for the Meadow Friends layer cake quilt top, which will be on the long arm in the next day or so.  

Also, made a trip to Materials Girls Quilt Shop, and picked up fabrics for a new quilt project, I'm going to start probably tomorrow.  I will showing you more as I get started.  but here is a sneak peek of the fabrics, I'm going to be using.   So Stay Tuned!


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