Friday, May 31, 2013

Tulip Update!

I can't believe today is Friday, the week went really fast.  I think the Memorial Holiday was what through me off.  Any way, I spent the first part of the week, practicing on my longarm and trying to develop my feathers.  I feel they are coming along but not good enough for me, they will come just need to keep practicing.

The last couple days, I have been back in the studio working on the long process of machine applique the leaves and stem on the background.  Which today, I finally finished finished them this morning.  So I then moved on to lighter color of tulips sewing them on the backgrounds. I got three blocks of the lighter pink done.  

I started to get a little board sewing them on so, I decide to make one of  the center blocks just to give me something else to work on plus what to see what the block looks like when finished.  The block is very simple to make compared to the tulip blocks.  So far, I  really liking how this looks and how well it is going.  

Tomorrow, My husband and I are going to a quilt show at the Dulles Expo Center, in Chantilly, Va.  So I probably wont get much done on the quilt this weekend, but I sure hoping I can get more done on this quilt top.


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