Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Tulip Test Block Complete

Today, I worked on developing my Tulip test block to see what I liked and what needs to be improved before I started building more for the quilt top.  

The block came out out beautiful, and I love the bright colors.  When I started to make the stems and the leaves, instead of cutting 73 leaves and 36 stems by hand, I choose to use my Sue Pelland Ruler templates to make them, sure beats cutting the pieces by hand.  

I think the only thing I will be changing is that I need to center everything and I think I will be making the background squares a 17" and then cutting them down to 16 1/2" blocks unfinished.  

Once I had the block finished, I started to cut out the rest of the stems and leaves, and this evening I will be starting to cut out fusible web for the tulips.  

Not sure what time I will have to work on these over the next couple of days, due to I have my father-in-law and son home for the next week.  


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