Friday, May 3, 2013

Minnesota Vacation

I just returned home from Minnesota where I was visiting a dear friend, Jean Marie and her wonderful family, for the past week.  We had a wonderful week of catch-up and girl time.  Jean and I have been good friends for about 12 years now.  She watched my two boys grow-up and now I get the pleasure of doing the same for her. She has two wonderful 8 year old twins.  Last Thursday, I flew to Minneapolis/St. Paul airport where she picked me up and drove me about 2 hours to her home in Barnum, Minnesota.  I brought the twins each a quilt I recently made for them, Meadow Friends and Star Wars Rail Fence Quilts.  They loved them, what a perfect gift.  The weather is still cold at night and snow on the ground, so they need warm blankets still.

Saturday was the first really nice warm day they had in a long time.  So we went into Duluth and spent the day along Lake Superior, where there was lots of ice on the water.  It was much colder and we were freezing most of the day.  We had a great lunch at Grandma's Restaurant which is close to the shore, wonderful food.  I was introduced to Chicken and wild rice soup, which is very tasty.   Then we took a nice drive along the shore up to Split Rock Lighthouse.  By the time we got up there the visitor center was closed, and so we quickly went up to the lighthouse and looked around, due to it was really cold up there also.  I would love to go back when it is warmer. It was a great day, to spend with her family.  

Jean and I had some fun, on Wednesday the day before I left to come back home. We drove to Floodwood, Minnesota, a short distance from her home to go to a quilt shop that was recommend to us by an Aunt of her husband called Hingeley Road Quilt Shop.  This shop has exclusively made Minnesota Fabric  that I will be writing more about in tomorrow's blog.   That evening we took her church youth group to a musical in Duluth, called Godspell.  It was a very nicely done musical, I loved it.

I was really sad to leave yesterday morning, I could't believe the time went by so fast.  It was a great time and we both needed the girl time together.  I'm ready to go back and enjoy the slow pace in Minnesota.

Now, time to get back to my quilting again.


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