Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tulip Quilt Progress has started!

Today, I spent between 4-5 hours working on the Tulip Quilt and made a lot of progress.  Started the day out with ironing the fusible web on the back of the two pink fabrics. Now I have to cut them all out, great evening project while watching TV, just like when I was tracing the pattern on the fusible web.  

After all the fusible web was on the fabrics, I cut the 9 white backing blocks and ironed and starched them until they were stiff.  This makes it much easier to machine sew on the applique pieces.  After I had the blocks ready, I marked the centers and marked them with alignment marks to help with placement of the pieces.

Then I began, placing all the stems and leaves on the background blocks.  I just have a 2 more blocks for leave and stem and then I will starting adding the tulips.


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