Sunday, May 19, 2013

Playing with a new toy!

I realized this morning that I need to get a blog post in since I have not done one in a couple days.  Well I have been pretty busy since Friday with my youngest home from the Air Force technical school before he leave for his next duty station in Colorado and my father in law is also in town from California. So we have been having fun catching up.

My highlight is that I received a nice present from the UPS man.  I got my new Quilt Path Computer for my APQS Millennium.  So Friday morning my husband and I spent the morning installing it on my Millie.  Now, I have been learning how to use it and there is a learning curve, but each day I have mastered a couple of new things. The first thing I sewed out was a pantograph, that was so cool to watch.  Then I did some simple blocks. 

Yesterday I learned how to how to set up for borders, and sew them out.  Today, I hope to learn how to add new designs and use them.  So far I love my Quilt Path.

Hope you all having a great weekend!


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