Sunday, May 5, 2013

New Project Started!

I have started a new small quilt project. This wall hanging project called "Smorgasbord" from Block Party Studios, Inc.  I picked up this kit at the Virginia Quilt show in April, to make up for a graduation present, and graduation is now only a month away.  Luckily this will be a small and easy one to put together.  

With the Smorgasbord, the kit comes with messages that are printed on a panel, which are cut down  into 8 1/2" squares. Then put into the middle one of 6 block designs.  The messages I choose for this project was Music, Staff of Life.  The kit comes with everything you need except the backing. 

After I got done with all my outside chores today, I put together one of the 4 blocks, and cut out the pieces for the other 3 blocks. So, all I have to do next is put them together tomorrow.


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