Friday, May 10, 2019

Graceful Points QAL Block 8

Hello everyone, it's time for another block in our Graceful Points Quilt Along.  Today we are going to be working on Block 8, which marks the halfway mark in our quilt along. Before we begin, I want to see how everyone is doing so far.  Please comment below if you are all caught up or just getting started.  Don't worry if you have you haven't started yet, or you are behind, remember you can catch up at any time.

Block 8, which is Studio 180 Design Blockbuster #10 - Twisted Pinwheel, this block uses the V-Block tool, and the Sidekick & High/Low Technique Sheet, both are available on my website.

Before we start, you will need the following fabric colors, BG, C1, and C3, please refer to your color chart found in your general instructions. You will also want to download the Block #8 and the Blockbuster #10 Twisted Pinwheel Instructions, both are required to make your block.

Please remember that the pictures used in this tutorial are for the 6" block for the Wallhanging.  Be sure to read the Downloaded Block Instructions to get the correct cutting and trimming sizes for the 12" block, which are indicated in (Blue) parenthesis.

Since we are working with a new technique SideKick & High/Low please remember, along with the Technique Sheet there are two videos SideKick and the High/Low that will walk you through the steps of making the units.  

So let's get started making those High/Low Left units.  These units are similar to the V-Block units, they just have one side triangle and a folded corner.

High/Low (Left) Units

Start with cutting our base section units. First off we cut out squares for our based section and side triangles.  The side triangles should be easy with all the practice we had in Blocks 6 and 7.  Just remember to lay your fabric with the right sides facing up for the left side.

Right Handed

Left Handed
We start with our based section placing it on the cutting mat with the right side facing up, for the Left units.  That means we want to put the long angle of the Side triangle on the left.  Placing our V-Block Tool on the based section square, positioning the dashed line of your ruler on the edge of your square and the bottom with the finished unit size at the bottom.  Cutting along the slanted line.

Now lay out all your units as they will look in the final unit.  Position the side triangle and the based section with right sides facing together.  Align the edges, and stitch, just as we would for a V-Block unit.  Press toward the side triangle.  No need to trim at this point.

Tip: you may want to slide your side triangle about 1/8" to make sure you get enough room at the bottom of the unit for trimming later.

Next, we are going to draw a diagonal line on the wrong side of the small corner squares.  Place these small squares on the opposite corner of the based section with the line going across the corner.

Stitch on the line, trim seams 1/4" from the stitching line, and press away from the based unit.

Right Handed

Left Handed
Now we can trim the units to size.  Positioning the V-Block tool on the unit, lining up the side triangle seam with the guideline on the tool.  Positioning the intersection of the two seamlines where the guidelines on the tool intersect.  Please remember that the folded corner will not line up with the guideline on the tool. Trim the first two sides.
Right Handed 
Left Handed

Rotate the unit 180° and line up the V-Block tool with the cut size measurement with the previously trimmed edges and "X" with the sewn seam line intersections.  Trim the last two remaining sides.

SideKick (Right)

The SideKick is the same concept as the High/Low unit, the only difference in making the units is that you will not be placing a folded corner in the opposite corner, it will remain empty.

The SideKick which is the Side Triangle will be placed on the right side this time.  So when we remove the side piece from the base section and the cut the side triangles we need to make sure the wrong side is facing up on the cutting mat. 

Align the Side Triangles and based units with right sides together and press toward the Side Triangle as you did in the High/Low unit.  

Right Hand

Left Hand
Positioning the V-Block tool on the unit, lining up the side triangles seams with the guidelines.  Making sure the fabric extends beyond the cleanup lines.  Trim the first two sides.

Right Hand

Left Hand

Rotate the fabric unit 180° and line up the V-Block tool.  Align the cut size measurement with the previously trimmed edges and the "X" with the seam line intersect.  Trim the remaining sides.


Next, you will need to make one Four-Patch unit to finish all your units for your block.  

When all your units are complete, the next step is to finish your block #8. Please follow Blockbuster page Download to make sure you lay out the units correctly.  Double checking you have the correct placement of all your units.

Block 8, "Twisted Pinwheel" is now complete, I look forward to seeing your Blocks, and I hope you will share your photos in the comments section below or on the Graceful Points Facebook Group.  Additionally, you can post your blocks on Facebook or Instagram making sure to use the #gracefulpointsqal and/or #quiltingaffection designs.  I can't wait to see your blocks.

On Friday, May 24th will be the release date for our next block. In our next block, we will be using the Corner Beam® tool.  You can purchase them on my website.

"Designing to Inspire"

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