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Garden Enchantment BOM Block 2

Welcome back to Block 2 of the Garden Enchantment Block of the Month. 

Block 1
To recap Block 1, we used our V-Block, Square Squared, and Tucker Trimmer to make the following SideKick & High/Lows, Diamond in a Square, and Half Square Triangles units.  If you missed Block 1 and would like to catch up, you can do so by clicking HERE and don't forget to purchase your pattern also.

Month 2
Month 2
Month 2 is now available for purchase.  You will also need the following Studio 180 Design tools to make this month blocks; Wing Clipper® I, and Square Squared 6".  This block will consist of the following, Flying Geese and Diamond in a Square units.  For this block, we are going to make 4 blocks that will measure 9" square finished.

Please note that if you are purchasing a printed pattern, there will be a slight delay in the shipment of the pattern due to I will be attending quilt market started May 13-May 21st.  All orders will be shipped first thing May 22nd.

Start off by gathering all your fabrics and tools. Then following your cutting instructions for all your components.

Let's get Started by with Fly Geese.

If you are not familiar with your Wing Clipper® tool, it's recommended you read the tool instructions and watch the following Deb Tucker Video "What's a Wing Clipper?" 

1.  Start off by gathering your small and large squares for your flying geese units.  Please remember 4-small squares and 1-large square will equal 4 flying geese units.

2. Using your Quilter's Magic Wand, mark two stitching lines that are 1/4" from the center diagonal on the wrong sides of the small squares.  Hint: use a thin pencil lead or pen.

3.  Position two small squares diagonally in opposite corners on a large square.  Hint: Please remember to nudge each small square toward the center about 3 or 4 threads from the raw edge of the large square.

4.  Stitch on the drawn lines, then cut apart between the stitching on the center diagonal. Press the small triangles away from the large triangles.

5. Position one small square to each triangle unit.  Again please remember to nudge in 3 to 4 threads from the raw edge of the larger triangle section.

6. Stitch on the drawn lines, then cut apart between the lines of the stitching on the center diagonal.  

7. Press the seams toward the outside.

Right Handed

Left Handed

8. Align the diagonal guidelines of the Wing Clipper® I with the seams of the Flying Geese unit.  Centering the tool over the size specified in your directions. Trim the side and across the top.

Right Handed

Left Handed
9. Rotate your flying geese unit 180° and reposition the Wing Clipper® I to align the previously trimmed raw edge size and "X" at the top with the intersections of the seams.  Trim the remaining sides again.

Make all the Flying Geese that are indicated in you block 2 instructions.

Diamond in a Square

Now we are going to make the Diamond in a Square unit.  I will be only doing a quick overview of the process in this blog post since we made these in block 1 if you would like to review to process in full detail, please read Block1 part 2 blog post.  

Please remember to refer back to your pattern instructions and gather your squares.

1. Using your Center Square Section of the Square Squared® tool over the purple strip.  Place your tool on the trimmed edge of the strip, lining up the corner of the strip with the center to the correct finished size. Trim up the side and across the top of the strip.

2. Take your white squares and cut them on the diagonal once to yield two triangles per square.

3.  Position 2 triangles on opposite sides of the trimmed center square. Stitch the two triangles with the square on top of the triangle with your best 1/4" seam.  Press away from the center.

4.  Position the remaining two triangles on the sides of the center square.  Again remember to place the square on top of the triangle when stitching with a 1/4" seam allowance. Press seams away from the center.

5.  Using your Trim Down Section of your Square Squared® tool over the unit trim down to size.  Again if you need more instructions on trimming, please refer to Block1, Part 2 blog post.

Repeat to make 8 Diamond in a Square units.


Center Block
Center Block

1.  Start by gathering your Lt. purple squares, dark purple Flying geese, and Diamond in a Square units and laying them out to form the block in the diagram above.

2.  Stitch units into rows, Pressing according to the diagram.

3.  Stitch the rows together, Pressing according to the diagram.


Side 1

Side 2

Next, stitch together the sides of for the Center Block, according to your pattern instructions.

Block 2A
Block 2A
1. Start off by stitching the Sides on the center block. Assuring the Side 1 Flying Geese are placed on the Left side of the center.  Pressing according to the diagram.

2. Next, stitch together the top and bottom rows.  Once you have them stitch together, Position the light green row on top and the dark row on the bottom and stitch them in place and pressing according to the diagram.

Block 2B

Block 2B
Block 2B assembly is the same as the previous Block 2A.  The only difference is the placement of Side 1 and Side 2.  Side 2 will be now placed on the Right side of the center unit. 

You will make Four Block 2A and Four Block 2B.

This completes your blocks for this month.  See you on June 15th for Block 2 release and tutorials.

"Designing to Inspire"

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