Saturday, April 14, 2018

April Showers Mystery Quilt: Week 2 Raindrops

Welcome back for week 2 in the April Showers Mystery Quilt.  How are you doing on your umbrella blocks?  I know the Umbrella blocks were a little tricky, but this week, we are making easier blocks.

If you are new to the April Showers Mystery Quilt. Let me provide you with a quick background on this blog series. Kari Schell, On Point Quilter and myself, are collaborating on the April Showers Mystery blog series this month. Kari has developed the mystery quilt and will be providing the EQ8 (Electric Quilt) instructions and I will be providing the instructions on how to piece the quilt using the Studio 180 Design rulers. 

If you like to catch up on week one, then click on this link to the first week's post.

For week 2, we are making raindrop blocks and starting to put our blocks together. Did you read Kari's post on the how to design the blocks in EQ8? Check it out HERE.  

The blocks are a combination of the Corner Beam unit and set inside a square in a square unit.  The Studio 180 Design rulers used in this block are Corner Beam® and the Squared Square® 6" tools.  Again this week I have created a Video Tutorial and providing you a free pattern on how to make the blocks.

Watch the Week 2, tutorial now:

To get the Free Downloadable Pattern, click HERE!

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