Friday, April 27, 2018

2018 Master the Rulers: Studio 180 Design Blockbuster #16

Well, today we return to start the Blockbuster series 2, blocks #15-25 that means we will be done with series 2 in ten weeks and I have a feeling they will go fast just like the first series did.

Blockbuster #16, Peaks & Valleys uses the combination of the Studio 180 Design Diamond Rect® tool and the SideKick/High-Low Technique Sheet to make this block.  I again used the same Island Batik Fabrics that were used in Blockbuster #15, just adding coordinating fabric to the mix.

I began with making the four diamond rectangles, by cutting out the centers and the side triangles with my Diamond Rect® tool. Once they were all cut out, I sew them together, just as I did in blockbuster #15.

My diamond rectangles were now complete.  Time to get started on the next step the High-Low Units. 

I have made the High-Low units in blockbuster #10 the twisted pinwheel block. Making the High-Low units are relatively simple, you just need to pay attention to the direction your slant must go. These units use the "V" Block® trimmer.  I need to make a total of four units that slanted to the right.

Finally, I completed the units by making some four sidekick units, followed by cutting some large and small squares for the corners and the center of the block. 

 Now I was ready to layout the units to begin the assembly.

I started with the center block assembly first.  To do this, I need to sew a partial seam using the small center square and one of the sides of the Diamond Rectangles. This is very similar to how we put the Shuriken blockbuster #14 together.

Then I continued to work, sewing the diamond rectangles together. The last step was to stitch the partial seam to the last diamond rectangle.

The center is complete, now I can finish it by stitching all the pieces together and assembling them to the center block.

Blockbuster #16, Peaks and Valleys is finished.  This was another fun, block to make due to it helped me reinforce everything I have learned in the first series of blocks fresh in my mind.  


"Designing to Inspire"

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