Friday, April 13, 2018

2018 Master the Rulers: Studio 180 Design Blockbuster 14

Over the last 14 weeks, since I started this fun master the rulers challenge with Studio 180 Designs.  I have learned a lot about the Studio 180 Design rulers and plus I feel more and more comfortable with using them.  As a result, I have made some cool blocks during my little challenge, using my Island Batik Fabrics.

This week we are making Blockbuster #14, "Shuriken" using the Split Rects® tool and the Tucker Trimmer® I. I really enjoy using this the Split Rects® tool and they are reasonably simple units to make.  

"Shuriken," consists of three different units, the split rectangles, half square triangles, and squares. I started with cutting out my split rectangle units, assuring my strips were facing right sides up to make the lower right to upper left slant units.

After I had them all cut-out, I started stitching them together.

Once I was finished stitching them together, I pressed all the seam open.  

Then I finished them with trimming the units to size with the Split Rects® tool.  

Half Square Triangles were the next unit to make.  Assuring, I had the perfect half square Triangle unit using the Tucker Trimmer® 1 ruler.

Now all the units are made and cut out it's time to lay out the units to make four sections.

The units will be laid out like in the picture above to and sewn together.

The assembled section is now complete, now it’s time to put the block together.

Placing each section around the remaining square in the middle.  Now the real fun begins, this part can be tricky, if you don't read the directions correctly for making this block.

Starting with the Section #4 at the bottom right and flipping the small center square on top right of the section with right sides together. You are going to partially stitch about 3/4" down the side of the small unit. Pressing away from the center square. 

 Then continuing with the section 2 that goes directly, above this unit. Stitch the length of the section and press away from the center.

Continue to work in a counter-clockwise direction with each section, stitch the length and pressing away from the center.

Now, you will finish the block off, by completing stitching your partial seam, align the first section and stitch down the remaining seam.

Shuriken, Blockbuster #14 is now finished.  What a fun and exciting block to make.  

Next week, will be the last blockbuster in the Blockbuster Series #1.

You can check out my completed Blockbuster blocks HERE.

Have a great weekend of Creating! 

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