Friday, July 31, 2015

Homemade Light Table!

After several years of using my window as a light box and not wanting to spend money on a expensive light box. My wonder husband made me a wonderful new a portable light table box in just a few hours.

After a run to our local Home Depot he came back with a piece of plexi glass, several 3/8"x3"x24" Oak Balsa Wood sheets, and a couple lights.  

Out of these supplies he built this wonder new light box that I have been needing in a long time. 

Getting the lights to the brightness I need was a trick.  After several attempts with small portable lights we found some nice Bright LED Lights at Lowes.  I would of got 2 of the long lights but they only had one, so I have to go with the next size down.  These are nice since they link together so after I plug it in, I just have to one touch the button then they both light up. 

I have already used this box several times on varies applique projects.   

Would love your hear comments on this new toy in my studio. 

 Have a Great Weekend!


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