Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Gone Bernina!

For years, I said "I would never buy a Bernina Sewing Machine they are always in the shop for repairs", but now I can say I was totally wrong.  But in February,  I had to finally make the move, and so glad I did. I have gone Bernina and Loving It! 

Here is the story! 

In February, I dropped my Janome 7700 off to have a repair service done, since it stop letting me make any zigzags or blank stitches.  The following, we called about it, and found out the Quilt Shop where I dropped it off at Flooded.  My machine was not damaged but was in a box in storage, so I would have to wait a while.  So I was using my smaller Janome and Brother Machine, but they were not doing the job.  

So, My husband and I talked about it that a good back-up machine was needed.  We went down to my favorite quilt shop in the local area Material Girls Quilt Boutique (LaPlata, Maryland), which is a Bernina Dealer.  We talk to the girls down there for a good hour or so, about what machine would be good for me.  I even went back the next day, to talk to them again.  I decided on a B580 with Embroidery attachment.  I got the machine a couple days later.  When I picked up the machine they should me everything I need to know to get started.  I have just fell in love with this machine, it is such an easy machine to use.  The only thing I miss is the larger neck that is on my Janome 7700, but not missing that much to buy the bigger machine.  This machine does everything I need and more.  I sold my Brother Embroidery Machine, due to the Bernina can do the Embroidery when I set it up and does it so much smoother. I love the Blanket Stitch on the machine, which is the only stitch besides the Straight Stitch.

As for my Janome, I still have not received it back, due to after the shop that had it reopened in April, and I was told that my machine need a new A-Board, and it was on order.  To date, we keep calling the quilt shop on status, and have been told that the part was in the US in a Shipping Container with a customs number, just waiting for it to be shipped to Janome.  I have a feeling it could be a couple more months until I get it back.  Thats ok, I have my wonderful Bernina to use and is my new main machine.



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