Monday, July 27, 2015

Hershey Fun

I arrived home safely on Friday evening after the Retreat in Perry, New York.  The next day, My husband, myself and my girlfriend Lynn got up early and we headed to Hershey, Pennsylvania for the Quilt Odyssey Quilt Show.  My girlfriend really hadn't been to a big show like this one, it was fun to walk around with her to get her opinion on the quilts.  Oh yeah! I should point out she is not a crafty person.  This was the first time we all attended this show.  It was a nice show it ended up being probably a medium size show.  I love going to the shows for ideas for designing.

After the show we went to lunch and decided to head over to Hershey Chocolate World.  Chocolate World is a blast, we got tickets for all the attractions.  We started with the 4D Chocolate Mystery Movie.  It was fun watch and interact with the Movie.  My husband was having fun styling the 4-D glasses before the show.

Next attraction we that we were scheduled for was the Chocolate Tasting Experience.  In this Experience you learn to how to engage all your senses to taste Chocolate.  they give you four different mini chocolate bars to taste, from Milk Chocolate and Dark, and varies of other varieties.

Next on our ticket schedule was the Trolley Works.  This fun trip gives you an entertaining way to explore Downtown Hershey and learn about Milton Hersey's Life Story.  The actors on the trolley keep you entertained with costumes and songs of the time period.  We made stops at the Hershey Mansion, the first factory, and other buildings Mr Hershey build in the town. 

Our last stop was create your own chocolate bar. 

In this tour you get to have your vary own chocolate bar made the way you want it and watch the experience.  You get it at the end you get our candy bar in a Hershey tin, with a cover you design. It was great to watch the process.

At the end of the tours we picked up a few souvenirs and head back home.  This was one the funnest Saturdays I had in a long time. 

Like Hershey Said as we left "Have A Sweet Day"!


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