Sunday, July 26, 2015

Designer Retreat Final Days!

The Final Days of the Designer Retreat were great.  So much to absorb and to take back with all of us it was almost overwhelming.

Day 3 - Started out with a Business Workshop 101, where we learned the business end of being a Pattern designer from Your Professional team, to Legal and Financial.  Use your Brain Trust in your business. Then we went into a Creative Workshop that broke us out of your comfort zone to Reveal your creative style. In the Afternoon session after lunch we had a great workshop from Reeze Hanson from Morning Glory Designs on Social Media and how to make money off it.  

That Evening we had the second Zentangle class on shading and more string styles. So much fun and relaxing.

Day 4- Was packed of lots of information. Started with the second part Business Workshop 102. One of the ladies that attended the retreat works for NorthCott Fabrics, she spoke on the the ends and outs of working with Fabric Companies, which was very interesting and eye opening.  The Creative Workshop for that day was Designing for the Market. We had a long decision on how to work and design for what people are looking for and Know who the Customer is.  We also discussed the layout of patterns from the main instructions to the cover. 

Each evening during the retreat we have a brainstorming sessions that would help 4 of us each night work their problems with the business to get to their goal.

The Final morning, we turned in our surveys and discussed the retreat and how to make it better for next year.  We said our good byes and we all head home, which was sad to have it all end. 

I so look forward to next year Aug 3-7, 2016.


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