Friday, October 4, 2013

Tulip Practice Off the Longarm!

Yesterday, was a long day of quilting on the longarm, but I finally finished Quilting on the old Pink Tulip Quilt Top I have had done for Years.   It was a great practice quilt for Feather borders, meandering and Echoing around the Appliques. 

 The Borders came out really nice, I think for the first time of really doing feathers on a actual quilt. Still need a little more practice but I'm getting there.

The echoing around the Tulip Appliques was hard to keep the lines straight.  I need to do more research on how to the echoing correctly. 

Now the Meandering in the squares was fun, you just need to concentrate on where you are going and what direction you need to be going.  

Now, I just need to prepare the binding and get on the quilt.


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