Wednesday, October 2, 2013

New Project Half Way Done!

I have started a new project, and I have it half way done all ready.  Summer Solitude is a kit from Hingeley Road Quilt Shop.  This quilt is made with Batik fabrics, some of the fabrics are a Hingeley Road Exclusive only designs. 

This quilt use 4 1/2" and 5" squares through out the whole top.  The 5" squares are then cut diagonally and then made into half squares. 

Once all the half squares are they are squared to 4 1/2".  Then they combined with the other 4 1/2" to make 16 Bear Paw blocks, 4 Grey, 4 Brown and 8 Blue.  

Sew all the Grey together to make the center of the top.  Then the 4 Brown are then sewn on the outside  of the center Grey blocks.  Then the Blue blocks are sewn into 2 rows and added to the top and bottom of the center blocks. 

The middle is now complete, now to add the many borders. Add 4 1/2 borders all the way around the top. 

The next border is made of 60 half square blocks with to light and dark color browns then sewn in sets of 14 to make a border. 

Tomorrow, I need to finish the other 3 half square borders and add the other 2 borders and this quilt top will be finished.

This is a fast and easy quilt top to make.  Hope to have this one on the longarm by next week.


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