Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Busy and now on Vacation

For the last week and half I have been very busy.  I was working on my pattern designs and getting closer on getting another pattern finished.  Then at the end of last week, my husband and I flew out to Northern Idaho for a week to visit my folks and to visit with old high school friends.  

On Friday, we also attended the Washington State Quilters Quilt Show in Spokane.  Beautiful Quilts on display all over the fairgrounds.  Lots of vendors, with various of patterns and fabrics, which you don't see on the east coast. We spent hours there just walking and getting lots new of ideas.

On Saturday, My mom and I went into Coeur D' Alene, Idaho to look for a backing for a Quilt top she just finished and I'm taking home with me to finish on my Long Arm for her.  We went to Hancock and Jo-Ann Fabrics and really didn't find anything that was close to what she wanted. So we went to a very nice quilting store called "Bear Paw Quilting and Bernina"  The inside of the store looks like we are walking into a log cabin home.  They have lots of Batiks and the latest fabrics.  They also carry a lot of Bernina Sewing Machines.  In the back of the store they have a huge classroom.  The store is well organized, clean and with nice people to help you. It was in this store that my mom found just the right fabric for the backing.

The weather here in Northern Idaho, has been beautiful, with nice crisp foggy cold mornings, which makes for a comfortable run in comparison to the heat and humidity of Maryland.  The afternoons have been bright and sunny and very nice to get out and about. I love it here, and really hope we can move back to my hometown in the next couple years.  

Well back to my vacation, be back into my sewing or quilting room next week!


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