Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Christmas Joy Row 4!

Sunday, was a great day to sew since my husband had to work this week.  So, I finished my homework for the Christmas Joy Sample Quilt Class, which was to make row #4 the Tree row.  The pattern want you to make it out of creams for the background and green for the trees.  Well, I decided to instead to make the background out of my blues and I'm so glad I did.  It goes so well with the church row.  

I also got the top and bottom strip of the joy row on  the row, after spending the day yesterday redoing the row.  My reasoning to redo the row, was the row was 2 1/2" short, I found out on Friday my 1/4" seam allowance was off.  So, on Saturday evening after taking apart a few piece of the row and measuring a few things it was just better to redo the whole row.  I'm so glad I did, It will make everything look nice and measure out right in the long run.

Next Friday, will be the next class, we will be making the checkerboard sashing pieces and the basket rows.  Only a couple of classes left and we will be done.  Peter is a great teacher, and I'm learning more and more every class.

Today, since my workout is done, I will grab my coffee and start a new project.  


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