Tuesday, November 27, 2012

My Studio

The cutting table I was using is on the right!
In the last couple of weeks, my husband and I decided to move me into a bigger room in our house so I would have more additional space to work and store my sewing stuff.  So now have a complete room to myself for working on my quilts, just wish the room was a little bigger and then I could have my APQS Millennium (which arrives next week) in the room with me.  

Months before the move, we looked for ideas on the internet on how to build a bigger cutting table, that  I could layout a large quilt to piece or baste on. Plus I wanted more storage areas.   During our search we ran across a IKEA hackers website, where they put some smaller Expedit shelving units together to create a cutting table.  

So a couple of weeks ago we went to IKEA with my best friend and spent the afternoon looking around, and ended up picking two- 31x15x 58 and two - 31x15x31 Expedit shelving units,  Then we looked at table tops found several we liked, but by the time we down to the warehouse we found a lot of them were hallow inside.  So we found the Galant Table top and picked up two of them.  With in a hour and half after getting home from the IKEA we had the shelves built and laid out to the way we wanted with the tabletops on them.  Next we went to Lowes for some L brackets, screws, plywood and wheels.  My husband then cut the plywood to size of the layout we wanted and joined them together with bracelets on the underneath to secure the plywood together.  Then he added the wheels the wheels to it. We then flipped the plywood over and starting adding the shelving units to the plywood using the L brackets to lock everything in place.  Then we added the two table tops and securing them with the L brackets.The final layout has the two longer units on the opposite sides and the two smaller in the middle and measures right at 5 foot square.

Wow this table is great so much room to work and lots of storage space all around this thing.  I have more organizing to do over the next couple months, but I'm finally getting my own sewing studio and I love it.


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