Friday, November 30, 2012

California Planning

My husband and I are in beautiful sunny California until Saturday, but we have not seen the sun, only wind and rain. We are visiting family and doing a little quilting business at the same time. We have been here to visit in about 15 years and this week will be to short.

Sketch books full of quilting designs 
 On the business side, we have been talking and planning about developing quilting patterns individually and into books. My husband's step-mother Diane my new business partner is a wonderful quilter and artist.  She has a lot of sketchbooks, full of possible pattern designs.  I wish I could show everyone these ideas, but they are going to be quilt patterns in the near future. So everyone can see them as a finished product.

When we arrived the other day, I was able to see Diane's sewing room and stash, which takes up one entire room and part of the garage. I was in heaven.  She has two nice sewing machines, one is a Janome, the other which is her main machine is a Viking. both are great machines. We have been talking quilting and family nonstop including sharing ideas for the designs. She has also shown me some beautiful quilts she has made over the years. 

Over all this has been a great trip. I have been able to catch up with family and gain a design partner all at the same time.


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