Sunday, November 25, 2012

Welcome to Quilting Affections

Let me introduce myself, I am Tina Dillard originally from Post Falls, Idaho and currently living in Waldorf, Maryland.  We were transplanted here as an Air Force Family.  Previously the Air force  had us living our lives in Great Falls, Montana and Sembach AB, Germany before dropping us off here, in the Washington DC area. My husband is now retired from the Air Force and enjoying the civilian life.  I also have a two fantastic sons, Patrick who is in his early 20's, and lives with us due to health problems.  My youngest  son, Colton picked up where my husband left off and is now serving in the Air Force.  So Proud of being an Air Force Mom.  

My first quilt, Sampler
Quilting has become my escape and my creative outlet.  I have been quilting off and on again for the last 20 years.   My love of quilting runs in the family through my mom and my great-grandmother.  I grew-up  watching my mom piecing and quilt every afternoon when I got home from school.  However, myself i did not start quilting until after i was married. I took my first quilting class at a Northwest fabrics in Great Falls, Montana, " A Sampler Quilt".   For the first 19 years or so I quilted by hand, then  I finally switched to machine quilting over the last year.  I do love the hand quilting but it is a slow endeavor that eats up a lot of time. So i started machine quilting, which I really love the results  and especially how fast it goes.

My goal for this blog is give you my life's adventures in quilting.  I will show  my work, my life, and my love (affection) with quilting.  So I hope you will follow along with this adventure, maybe learn something new and even post a comment or idea yourself.

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