Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Garden Enchantment Block 5

Today is the release day for the Garden Enchantment BOM Block 5.  You can now download Block 5 hereOnly 1 more month left in this Block of the Month Program, time just goes by fast.  Can't wait to see everyone's' finished quilts.

Block 5 consists of making 4 blocks that use the following units: Half Square Triangles, Flying Geese, and Diamond in a Square.  

Since we have made all these units in the past months, today's tutorial will be a quick overview.

Half Square Triangles

For this block, we will be making two different colorways, white/green, and white/purple. 

Right Handed

Left Handed

Trim your units to the size indicated in the pattern using your Tucker Trimmer® I tool.  Lining up the diagonal lines on the seam lines and trimming the first two sides.

Right Handed

Left Handed
Rotate the unit 180° and Line up the Tucker Trimmer® I tool once again and trim the remaining sides.

Repeat for the White/Purple Half Square Units.

Flying Geese

For the Flying Geese units, you will need your Wing Clipper® I tool.  We will be making 4 different colorways for this block, White/Dark Purple, White/Purple, Dark Purple/Turquoise, and Purple/Turquoise. 

Right Handed

Left Handed
Remember to when trimming your units to align the diagonal lines of the Wing Clipper® I with the seams of the Flying Geese units. Trim the first two sides.

Right Handed

Left Handed
Follow by rotating your flying geese units 180° and reposition the Wing Clipper® I  to align the previously trimmed raw edges with the finished size and the "X" at the top with the intersection of the seams.  Trimming the two remaining sides.

Repeat for all your units.

Diamond in a Square

Next, and the last unit we will be making in this block is the Diamond in a Square unit.  We will be making one colorway, White/Turquoise and trimming them up with the Square Squared® tool.  

Right Handed

Left Handed

Trim the unit using your Square Squared® tool, by positioning the Trim Down Section of the tool over the unit.  Focusing on aligning the "X" of the finished size unit over the sewn seams.  Trim the first two sides.

Rotate the unit 180° and Reposition the tool lining up the "X's" and then lining up the cleanup lines on the tool with the previously trimmed cut sizes.


Corner A Units

Corner B Units
Now that all the units are complete, it is time to assemble the blocks together.  Please remember to pay close attention orientation of your corners A and B Unit placement.  This will help when assembling your block.

This completes Block 5, remember you will need to make 4 blocks. See you on September 15th for Block 6 and Finishing instruction release and tutorials.  

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