Monday, December 3, 2018

Preparing for a new week!

Yesterday, was full of preparing for a new week in my life and at my desk.  

Sunday, started with a new blog writing,  I got a couple done ahead of time.  One of the blog posts will be for my day on "Pixelating Blog Hop" for Quiltoni new book Designing Block Quilts.  You can check out the introductory blog post and the other blog post from last week, HERE.

After getting the Groceries for the week with my husband, it was back to work for me and back to studying for him.  He is taking college courses in business, so proud of him and all the hard work puts into these classes.

My work ended up, cleaning my desk area.  That meant filing papers and cleaning up all the dust that comes from a quilting studio.  

I also fill out most of my week in my 2018 Quilters Planner.  As usual, I have a lot to get done with the Quilt Design business, which includes teaching to class on Friday and Saturday.  So that means preparing for the classes.  But I did finally add some gym time back in my daily plan, starting tomorrow.  

So let's see if I can get all my task completed this week.

How do you prepare for your week?  Do you use a Planner or my list?


"Designs to Inspire"

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