Thursday, December 6, 2018

Pixelating Blog Hop Day 10

Welcome to Quiltoni's Pixelating Blog Hop Day 10.  

My good friend Toni Smith, AKA "Quiltoni," who is an awesome pixel quilt designer, is launching her first book Designing Block Quilts and she asked several of her quilt designer friends to design a pixel quilt using her book. So, I took up the challenge.

The book walks you through the process to create a pixelated quilt from image or drawings using squares and strips called the Quiltoni way.  

For my project, I want to make my own old antique sewing machine.  I'm not the best drawer in the world, so I asked my husband to draw out a design on graph paper. From the graph paper, I was able to determine the size of strips and pieces I needed to make my pixelated quilt.

From those sizes, I began cutting my strips and pieces. As I cut all my pieces out I placed them on my design board, watching the drawing come to life on my board.

When I had all my pieces cut, it was time to sew all the strips and pieces together. Making sure all my pieces nested and pressed flat.

The stitching of my project went really fast, the quickest quilt I have made in a long time.

The center of my quit is now complete, time to add some borders.

My sewing machine is finished, now to do simple quilting and binding.  This whole project took me only one weekend to complete. Pixel quilts are so easy to make and design using this book.

My finished quilt now hangs above my sewing machine.  

So, do you have an idea for a pixelated quilt you would like to make? Then you may want to purchase her books to help out with the process.  You can purchase her book, Designing Block Quilts, check it out HERE.

Or you Don't have the time to draft your own block quilts, then check out Quiltoni's Website and look at her patterns, such as Superhero: Magic Girl or Happy Painter. They are so much fun to make.

She also has a Twitch live stream where she talks about quilting and so much more.  She is currently raising money for St. Jude's through her live stream.  Make sure you visit her site, HERE

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Thanks, everyone for stopping by my blog hop today.


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  1. I love your quilt! You are lucky to have a husband that can draw...I'd have to do it myself :)