Friday, July 19, 2013

New Routine, and lots of Errands!

Sorry I have not written in a while, I think Monday was my last posting.  I have been a little busy adjusting to a new schedule. 

As of this week, I started going back to the gym in the mornings.  Which eats up a good portion of the morning for me.

At the first of the week, I was really tired by the time I came home and showered, I really didn't feel like sewing.  By Tuesday, I made my self get out there and do some sewing felt great.  My husband and I have been doing some diet changes, which is helping both out a lot.  Wednesday and Thursday, after my morning workout we had nothing but errands to run around town, by the time we were done we were done for the day, with the almost 100 degree heat. 

Now after working out 5 days in a row, I'm ready to get out there and work, but I have to leave to go get the car serviced, and cleaned.  Then I will be back to get to my sewing.

Thanks for being patient with me, I will keep you all my posted on my progress.  Hope to get you more posts out here shortly.


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