Thursday, July 11, 2013

Home from Denver Trip!

This past weekend, My husband and I had a wonderful car trip to Denver, Colorado. We were delivering our sons new car off to him at Buckley AFB.  My son bought a new car but could not get the leave to come get it, so my husband and I took a long weekend and drove out to him.

It was so much fun to drive across the country for 2 days.  We saw lots of historical landmarks. We had fun looking up the information on our phones and reading about them as we drove by.  We saw all lots of military bases, such as Wright Patterson AFB, in Ohio.  The community is so much into the AFB that they had the under passes painted blue and gray, with planes on them. 

Once we arrived in Denver, we had a such a good time with our son.  He has a great life started there, and is so happy with his career choices. 

The weather was hot in the afternoons, but it would cool just enough to have a nice walk in the evenings.  I was sad to leave and come back to the east coast. 

We got back home around 2am this morning, so I'm catching up with my mail, and few other things.  I will be going into the sewing studio and sewing on the binding on the Tulip Quilt here in a bit.  Need more coffee, first.


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