Sunday, June 30, 2013

Quilting update!

The Tulip quilt is starting to show some progress.  This week, I have been working hard but it sure doesn't seem that way on this quilt top.  Monday - Wednesday was just nothing but working on stitching in the ditch.  

Then, on Friday I started working on adding details to the borders, that's when things just were not working out right for me.  

I just didn't like how the borders looked, so I gently took the whole design out.  Then I added the new design of a feathered look to it. I like that a lot better than what i had before.  

After I finished what I could on the borders, I started adding the designs to the inner green borders and the sashings.  It came out very nice!

 The white corners blocks, I also added a feather block.  


In the inner white blocks, I was trying to use a vine motif (below) and I just didn't think it went with the flow of the rest of the quilt.  So, Last Night I took it out and added a different feather block to it.   Which I don't have a good picture of right now, will get it in my next update on of the quilt top.

Now that I have the design finally worked out on this quilt, I can start making some good progress on it.    


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