Monday, June 10, 2013

Fixing Problems!

Today, I spent the morning cleaning my studio, then working on the borders on the Tulip Quilt.  I got all the first of the three borders on the quilt top when I realized I had a slight problem.  The sashing just didn't look right, the dark pink was not suppose to be in that spot.

So I began the long process of ripping seams out to remove and replacing it with green instead. The process means I had to take the border all the way off on that side, and then removing the one block. 

I replaced it with the green sashing, and sew all the seam back together very carefully.

Once I had it back together, I was looking at it again to make sure everything was lining up correctly, and I noticed another piece of out of place. This time it was a green piece of sashing, it should of been a dark pink piece.  So began the process all over again ripping out seams.

Finally, the blocks looks correct now.  So hopefully I will not have to rip out anything else.  At least I didn't have to take anything out of the middle of the quilt and I caught all my sashing problems now.  Tomorrow, back to the borders, I just hope everything goes on easy.


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