Thursday, June 20, 2013

Preparing the Backing for Longarm!

Today I prepared the backing for the tulip quilt.  This process takes awhile and is little harder when you are dealing with a larger quilt top.  

The first step in the whole process is figuring out what size I needed for the backing.  When making the backing for the Longarm remember to add 4"-5" all the way around. 

Next, is to cut the number of pieces needed which was 3 pieces at 98" long.

After cutting the pieces, I removed the all the savage pieces.  This allows the backing to give a little more.  Savage need to be removed to make sure that the quilt backing can move around.

Once all savages are removed I laid the backing out flat with right side up and place another piece on top of it with the right side down.  This puts the right sides together.  Then pin the longest sides the pieces together.

Once pinned, I took the backing pieces to the sewing machine and using a running stitch made a 1/2" seam along the side that was pinned. After I finished the first set, I layed the pieces out again and layed the finally piece on top and of the now larger piece with right sides together, then pinned and sewed again.

Once all your pieces are sewn, I press open all the seams.  If I lay the seams to one side this will make the seam area too bulky for the long arm to stitch through. 

Now all the sewing and pressing is done, I made sure all the sides are square and will lay flat.  Now that it is square it is ready for the longarm.

Now to pinned on the long arm!


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